LeRhone 80
The motor was originally designed in France and named after the Rhone River.

This unit was made in the U.S.A. through the Bureau of Aircraft Production

by Union Switch & Signal Co. in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1917.

It is classified as a Revolving motor.

The crankshaft is attached to the aeroplane and the motor revolves around it with the propeller.

It is rated for 80 HP at  1200 R.P.M.

There are 9 cylinders of 105 mm bore and 140 mm stroke.

Displacement is 667 cubic inches with a compression ratio of 4.8

Side view on the aeroplane Front
Propeller end Crankshaft end

Carburetor goes on the end, the plate bolts to the firewall.

Prop shaft off Cam ring
First cylinder off All cleaned and inspected
Main bearing assembly Bearings installed with crankcase and crankshaft
Pistons and connecting rods Connecting rods installed
Cylinder assemblies ready Pistons and cylinders going together
Cam and follower assembly Valve linkage parts
Intake tubes All assembled
Oil pump parts Assembled oil pump
Throttle parts Throttle assembly
Finished engine Ready to install on the aeroplane