Standard J-1

The Standard J-1 was produced in 1917 to train pilots for the Great War.

They were not very popular due to the relatively unreliable Hall-Scott motor.

After the war, most of the surviving aeroplanes were re-powered by more reliable motors.

The most popular was the Hisspano-Suissa which had almost twice the rated horsepower of the original motor.

This particular J-1 was resurrected by Ray Folsom in 1973 to be used in the movie "The Great Waldo Pepper".

The only available Hisso at that time happened to be an E-4 rated at  240 HP ( 3 times the airframe design rating !! ).

Some other appearances were in "Ace Eli and Roger in the Sky", on TV in "The Fall Guy", "The Young Indiana Jones",

 "The Rocketeer" and a still cameo in "Titanic", and numerous commercials.

The final appearance was a Japanese beer commercial a couple years before entering the Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum.


In the shop 3-4-09 Tail is off
Wings coming off Left top wing is off
Both right wings Center section is off
  Motor is off
Fabric falling off the fuselage Undercarriage is off
Bare fuselage Removing rudder fabric
Elevators half way Taking the fabric off the wings
Bare wing Disassembling the undercarriage
Inspecting the fuselage Fuselage in the alignment fixture
Standard J-1 in kit form Metal fittings restored
Fuselage being reassembled in the fixture Safety wiring all the turnbuckles (105 of them!)
Fuselage removed from the fixture Making a new rear decking
Gluing parts Fitting stringers
New instrument panel New seat upholstery
Fuselage finished New undercarriage fitted
Wings being installed to fabricate new rigging wires  
Soldering a cable end One of many many many new cable ends
Wing rigging finished 9-14-09
Fuselage prepared for fabric cover Rolling out the fabric
Cutting fabric Fabric laid on
Gluing fabric on the bottom Bottom and right side on
Applying finish tapes Fabric finished and colored to represent cotton fabric used in the 1920's
Covering the vertical tail  
Stabilizer covered Center section covered
Fuselage painted Motor installed
Sheet metal parts painted Side panel installed
Doors installed Side and top  finished
  Tail and center section installed
Waiting for wings and wheels Top right wing ready for fabric cover
One wing covered Carving new landing gear legs
  Gear legs finished

Landing rear assembly Installing shock cords
  Left side done
Finished undercarriage assembly ready to mount on the aeroplane All the wings are covered
Rib lacing  using 17 needles and walking around     no bending over Right wings finished
Assembling right wing cell Ready to install
Right side is finished!! Left wing cell going on
Too windy to go farther out Waiting for undercarriage and propeller 
Ready for the undercarriage  
Out in the Sun Ready to FLY ??!!!!!!!!!!!