Velie  Radial Aircooled

Aircraft Engine

Model M-5

Originally manufactured by the Velie Motors Corporation at Moline Illinois,

under U.S. department of Commerce Approved Type Certificate No. 4,

to power the enclosed 2 place Monocoupe.

It has 5 air-cooled radial cylinders  of 4 1/8 inch bore and 3 3/4 inch stroke.

It is rated at 55 H.P. at 1815 R.P.M and develops  62 H.P. at 2000 R.P.M.

It displaces 250.6 cubic inches and weighs 223 pounds


Degreased and starting disassembly  
Cylinders coming off  
disassembling crankcase  
  Now it is time to clean all the parts