1929  Monosport Model 2

Built in 1929 by the Mono Aircraft Corp. at Moline, Ill.  The Monosport was a slightly larger and higher powered version of the Monocoupe 113.  It also had modernized landing gear and elliptical wing tips.  In all, 16 Monosports were built, 9 powered by the 110 hp Warner Scarab, and 7 Model 2 with the 100 hp Kinner K-5.  This is the fourth Monosport, the second Model 2, and unfortunately the last known Monosport remaining.

Brand new at the factory with the first owner

Arrival at the shop

Going into the shop

Wing is off

Tail is off

Tail is off

Fuselage sandblasted and painted

Window frames finished

Floorboards and control system installed

Cutting seat pads to size

Cutting leather seat covers

Sewing seat cover

Seat finished

Seat installed

Cutting out aluminum window frames using a router

Right side window and door frame

Covering fuselage

Fuselage covered

Finish tapes applied

Silver applied


Interior nearly finished

Ready for the instrument panel

Masking to paint the logo

Logo painted

Peeling off the masking

Setting up the wing and strut rigging prior to covering

New fuel tanks finished

Covering tail surfaces

Instrument panel nearly done

Fitting motor controls

Fitting the windscreen

Reinstalling wing leading edges

Wing is ready for cover

Rolling out fabric on the top

Top is on

Covering the bottom

Heat tightening the bottom fabric

Rib lacing in progress

Ready for painting

Oil tank finished

Oil tank installed

Fabricating cowling

Nose is original

Left and front windows installed

Motor installed ( original from the factory )

Fabricating exhaust system

Exhaust finished

Tail surfaces ready for color

Tail surfaces finished

Markings on the vertical tail

Tail mounted on the aeroplane

Balsa fairings installed on landing gear legs

Wrapping with finish tape

Assembling the brakes

Gear legs finished

Fitting the door

Door is finished and installed

Instrument panel finished

Cowl fitted and ready for paint

On its own feet waiting for wings

Top of wing silvered……12 feet added to paint room

Being turned over to paint the bottom

Bottom painted

Masking the numbers

Bottom finished

Turned over to finish the top

Wing finished

Struts and ailerons in the paint process

Ailerons finished

Sunlight at last

Painting cowl parts

Cowl finished

All together

Motor running properly

Waiting for a nice day to fly

On the grass at last

High speed run with the tail up

Another run with just a little bit of air under the wheels

Let’s go see if it will fly

Yep it does !!!

Now let’s see if it will land straight

Do it again !!!

Low fly-by

In the air up high

Before   ( August  1929 )

After   (April 2012 )

Niece  Alysa after her ride

A year later…We should fly again for a while.    Where should we go?

How about OSHKOSH??

Is this a good place to park?

Hear interview at              http://eaavintage.org/multi-media/video-gallery/

AirVenture Oshkosh 2013
Outstanding Closed Cockpit Monoplane
Silver Age (1928-1935)

Maybe we should go on another adventure…. to the Northwest this time

Blakesburg Antique Aeroplane Flyin

Sweepstakes Award
Blakesburg, Iowa

On the way home

All Done